Health Services Research

Research Questions

The field of health services research and prevention combines the expertise of behavioral medicine with a health-systematic perspective and the current problems concerning care and prevention of stress-related disorders, as well as eating and weight disorders.

Current Projects

PRIO-S Prevention and Intervention of Childhood Obesity - Stuttgart: Supply-epidemiological investigation into the use of intervention by parents of preschool children with overweight or obesity (full survey of enrollment cohort of the city of Stuttgart).
Qualitative analyses of individual interviews and focus groups with parents of affected children, as well as pediatricians, leaders of daycare facilities, and experts on barriers to obesity prevention and intervention
• PHOEBE - Prevention of mental and psychosomatic disorders in the work context: perspectives and attitudes of occupational health physicians, general practitioners, human resource managers and psychotherapists concerning prevention barriers of stress-associated disorders in the work context
• INSIST - initiatives to ensure academic success: clarification of specific stressors and resources in the study of medicine and their impact on the expression of stress and psychological well-being (cross-sectional and longitudinal cohort studies)
• T-SSRI - Stressors and resilience factors inventory of Tübingen University students: development of an instrument for the detection of risk profiles for increased mental stress of students, the students’ perception of the doctor, self-image, doctor ideal and the relationship to stress and sense of coherence in different parts of the students’ education and training. Scientific evaluation of the tandem program for international students regarding psychosocial stress factors as well as the program’s acceptance and effectiveness

Research Group Leader

Dr. med. Florian Junne