Research questions

Education and Communication - How can we use new media to better reach our target groups?
• What psychophysiological variables are predictors of a successful weight loss and weight maintenance?
• How can we improve outpatient weight loss programs?
• Sleeve Gastrectomy – How is the patients’ health long term and which gaps should be closed concerning preparation for surgery and follow-up?

Current Projects

These are some of the projects we currently investigate:
• psychophysiological predictors of weight loss and weight maintenance in children and adolescents as part of inpatient therapy (DROMLIN study).
• whether a Serious Game with motion control developed by us can be used in overcoming central barriers to prevention and treatment of childhood obesity. The educational game is dedicated to the fields of nutrition, physical activity as well as the psychosocial field.
• how intense preparation to a possibly following bariatric surgery may reduce complications after surgery and how a structured psychoeducative aftercare positively influences the course of weight postoperatively (VIADUKT programs).
• what form of new media use enables the care of patients the best, including in economically underdeveloped regions. In addition, various media is examined concerning their acceptance in different patient populations (BaSE study).
• eating and dietary behavior, long-term examinations of physical and mental health after a sleeve gastrectomy (SG-KAT-5).
• stigmatization of obesity in the workplace and the health system

Research Group Leader

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Teufel